18*16 ,120g Fiberglass Fly screen Mesh/glass fiber mosquito net/fiberglass dust proof window screen mesh 100g/m2

Raw Material: fiberglass yarn ( C-Glass and E-Glass)

Weave Type: plain weave and twill weave

Mesh:20*20mesh, 20*18mesh,18*18mesh,18×16 mesh,18×14 mesh ,16×16 mesh ,16×14 mesh,14*14meshand so on


Width: 61cm,71cm,80cm,100cm,110cm,122cm,142cm,152cm,162cm,183-280cm . Max: 300cm

Roll length: 30m,50m and max length:200~300m

Color: black,gray,white,green,brown.

Mesh/inch Weight/m2 (grams/m2) Roll size Colour



115g, 120g, 130g, 150g


Roll Width (m) Black, White



Blue, Green
17x15 Grey, Coffee
18x16 Roll Length (m) Charcoal, etc
20x20 10m,20m,30m,50m,100m,180m,200m,etc.  
Packing: covered in PVC film with customers’label or in cartons with 2 to 6 rolls

Fiberglass window screening

It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fire protection, easy cleaning, no deformation, long service life, etc.. Has good ventilation, shading, etc..
1. Fiberglass window screening The use of life long: with excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti cold, anti heat, anti dry moisture resistant, flame retardant, anti moisture, anti-static, good light transmission, channeling wire, no deformation, and the tensile strength is big, long life and other advantages. Beautiful appearance and structure. The screens using glass fiber filaments coated flat yarn made of, the rest of the material all the PVC plastic one to suppress completed, sub assembly, to solve the traditional screen door and window frames between the gap is too large, the problem closed lax, use safe and beautiful and good sealing effect.
2. Fiberglass window screening applicable range wide, directly installed in the window frames, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembly; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire performance is good, do not need to paint coloring.
3 Fiberglass window screen non-toxic and tasteless.
4.Fiberglass window screen with anti-static function, not stained, good ventilation.
5. Fiberglass window screen good light transmission performance, has a real sense of stealth effect.
6. Fiberglass window screen automatic filter against UV irradiation, protect the whole family health.
7. Fiberglass window screenanti ageing, long service life, reasonable design, the use of ten thousand times
8.Fiberglass window screen green environmental protection: does not contain harmful chlorine fluoride, in accordance with the ISO14001 international environmental certification requirements so the use will not produce any harmful to the human body.

Packaging Details:
1.1 roll in a plastic bag or 10 rolls in a poly bag
2.4-6 rolls in a carton box

Delivery Detail:
Shipped in 15 days after receive the deposits


Window screen

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